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Welcome to the future home of our Spaghetti House! 

The former home of the famous Nick’s — a Vancouver institution for over 60 years.

While we are honoured to be here, we can only dream of recreating all that everyone loved about Nick’s — that could only come from Nick & Pauline (& team) themselves...and they certainly went out with a bang! For weeks before the final service, lineups of hungry Vancouverites — longtime supporters seeking one last taste of Nick’s celebrated red sauce standards — lined up around the block to be warmly welcomed and looked after by the lovely waitstaff. No, that was a moment in time — a very long and revered moment — but one not so easily recreated.

Though we can’t and won’t even try to repeat what Nick’s did so well, we are dedicated to honouring this institution of a family, room and building, and to strive for the spirit of the food that graced those plates for so many years. 

Yes, this will still be a classic Spaghetti House: the food will be our take on the cuisine that developed in the Italian immigrant communities during the early part of the 20th century. Old war horse dishes like Spaghetti & Meatballs, Veal Parm, Caesar Salad, Shrimp Scampi, Piccata and all that wonderful stuff that begs to be mopped up with baskets of white bread.

We've named it Pepino's.

When it was time to name the restaurant, we first reached out to Nick himself, now kicking back and enjoying his retirement; he felt he had accomplished what he wanted and that it was time for the Nick’s name to take a rest as well. While we would have been over the moon to keep the famed name alive in this new incarnation,  we respect Nick’s decision. And so, the reknowned sign and moniker will now be the stuff of restaurant legend, preserved in the old fashioned way: through shared memories and the kind of photos you can hold in your hand. 

For those not aware, not only were Nick and Pauline well-known in the restaurant industry, they were also icons in the local horse racing world and their revered horse “Spaghetti Mouse" holds the title of most purses won at the Hastings Race Track. As a a tip of the hat to that famous horse, we’re calling our place Pepino’s based on the Italian mouse made famous by the popular Lou Monte song of the 50s. He's right up there — say hello!

Oh, we should also mention that we're working on a diminutive alimentari & caffè next door! In true, old world Italian tradition, we will be making & selling fresh pasta; stocking a beautiful and useful variety of Italian specialties for your pantry; as well as offering traditional Italian pasticcerie, tramezzini and strong espresso throughout the day. 

That's all for now...stay tuned for more here and on social media as we get ready to open the door and once again stir up the memories and magic within these four walls!